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And that even before we enter the appeal process.

And that even before we enter the appeal process.

Assange’s image as a fighter for transparency changed in 2010 when it became known that the Swedish police were investigating him on allegations of rape. Testimony from two witnesses was the basis for this. What the UN man Melzer now revealed: In fact, there was never a complaint of rape by the women. The sex was consensual, but unprotected. So they wanted to have the police force Assange to do an HIV test afterwards. What happened nine years ago in Sweden reads like a crude conspiracy theory and is still a UN report: The report of one of the women is accordingly rewritten by police officers , your signature is missing on the document.

In the following, the two women protest against the false reproduction of their statements. But the rape allegation “constructed” according to Melzer has already been pierced by the public prosecutor to the press. The rigorous revealer Assange becomes the alleged rapist Assange within hours.

The Wikileaks founder appears a few days later at the police station and makes a statement that by then the investigators have withdrawn their rape allegations, but when he leaves Sweden three weeks later, the authorities issue an arrest warrant for him. The basis is the repackaged testimony, which the woman did not sign. Sweden is now after Assange via a European arrest warrant. Several times he offers to come back to testify on site. However, he demands an assurance that he will not be extradited to the United States, where he fears prosecution.

Sweden refuses such an assurance, which is “commonplace in international practice,” as UN investigator Melzer explained to the Swiss magazine “Republik”. In the years that followed, the Scandinavians uphold the warrant, but never bring charges against Assange. For six years the case has been bobbing as a preliminary investigation. The wanted man has meanwhile fled to the Ecuadorian embassy. Police officers are standing in front of the house, ready to arrest him as soon as he sets foot outside the door. Supporters of Assange fear that a fair trial awaits him in the USA. (Photo: REUTERS) Assange’s lawyers continue to offer a testimony in Sweden his terms. They offer a testimony to Swedish officials in London, they offer a testimony via video link.

The Swedish judiciary rejects everything, although a cooperation agreement provides precisely these possibilities. “That was done in 44 other proceedings during that period between Sweden and England,” explained Melzer in “Republik”. “Only with Julian Assange did Sweden insist that it was essential that he appear in person.” Assange holed up in the embassy for more than seven years, then Ecuador lifted his asylum. By escaping there, he violated bail conditions. As a rule, British courts impose a fine in such a case, says Melzer. Assange is sentenced to 50 weeks in a maximum security prison, isolated. “Psychological torture” calls the UN man the action against Julian Assange. What Wikileaks has done threatens the political elites in the USA, England, France and Russia alike, said Melzer.

Which leads to the conclusion: The long process had one goal: to dismantle Assange. Melzer calls it “a set game.” At the London hearing, Assange looked better and better-groomed than when he was arrested last April. However, “he looked very exhausted, much older than 48 years,” says trial observer Deloire. “He was separated from the court by a pane of glass, like a felon. He had the papers in his defense on his knees and was reading them.” The British judiciary has selected a 24-seat auditorium for a worldwide trial. “At some point it became difficult for the public to judge Assange.

The question was: Do you like Assange or not? “, Says Christophe Deloire. This is not the point, but the question must be: Has Assange contributed to the explanation?” And there is the answer: Absolutely, yes.argumentative research essay outline That is the real reason he is being prosecuted. And that’s what makes this procedure so dangerous. “Source: ntv.de” Assange faces 175 years in prison in the USA (Photo: imago images / ZUMA Press) Will Wikileaks founder Julian Assange be extradited to the USA? The court proceedings to decide on this question will begin in London on Monday.

Assange is indicted in the US for the publication of secret documents, which include US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, also under the US espionage law and has to face the court on 18 counts. His lawyer talks about the process in an interview with ntv and says: “Of course we are very worried about his health.” Ntv: How exactly will the proceedings work, what are the next steps in the process? Jennifer Robinson: On Monday we will start the extradition process. Our defense team will have an opportunity to respond to the United States indictment and there will be a legal battle for a week.

Later in May, there will be several weeks of hearings to hear testimony, so we still have a long process ahead of us. And that even before we enter the appeal process. In general, negotiations should be scheduled for June 12th.

Can we expect a final verdict by then, or could the process drag on for years? It is likely that the district court’s verdict will not come for some time after the trial is over. And then of course there is an appeal process. Typically, such a complex US extradition request can take up to three years and wander through several courts, so this is just the beginning of a long process. And that’s after almost ten years of speculation about what the United States actually wanted to do. Julian Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks in prison in May 2019 for violating bail when he went to the Ecuadorian embassy in June 2012 fled here in London so as not to be extradited to Sweden. He was threatened with rape allegations.

Now the extradition proceedings with the USA will take longer – does he have to stay in prison until the proceedings are over? Julian served his sentence last September and has been in custody since then. The UK authorities have so far refused to bail him and we will continue to monitor the situation. However, the judge is unlikely to bail him anytime soon, so he will likely remain in prison for the foreseeable future, which will be a very complicated process.

How sure are you that you can win this trial and Julian Assange will not be extradited to the United States? Of course, we hope the extradition process will not be successful. We have an excellent extradition team that has successfully held its own against US extraditions in the past. However, this is a very difficult and complex case, and so we have to wait and see what happens. Worldwide, many criticize a possible extradition.

In Germany, for example, the journalist Günter Wallraff started a petition for Assange’s release, which 130 politicians, artists and journalists supported and more than 31,000 people signed. Does Assange notice that? He gets letters, notes and messages sent to prison, and I try to bring him some pictures, sometimes from the protests that are going on around the world. That really helps him. He is very grateful for the increasing support we are seeing around the world.

And it just makes a big difference to him when he sees people coming to the protests. Then there is now a group of 120 doctors and psychologists who are calling for an end to “psychological torture and medical neglect” from Julian Assange. They say that even his life is in danger and that if he died in his cell in the maximum security Belmarsh Prison, he would have “effectively been tortured to death”. Can this argument help you get him bailed? That remains to be seen. Of course, we are very concerned about his health, both because of the many years he spent in isolation at the embassy with no access to medical care, and because of the circumstances surrounding his incarceration here in the maximum security prison. His health will be an issue in the trial so I cannot speak about it yet.

But you’ll see how this is presented in court next week, with UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer saying the rape allegations against Julian Assange in Sweden were fabricated. According to him, according to the statements of the woman concerned, “there has never been any rape”. Is that your information too? Assange’s attorney Jennifer Robinson. (Photo: REUTERS) It’s important to note that the Swedish case was finally closed for the third time last year.

The only extradition request for Julian Assange is that of the USA, where he faces up to 175 years in prison. This is about his publications in 2010 and 2011, for which he has received numerous journalism awards worldwide. Of course he was involved in the process in Sweden for many years – which is why he had to stay in the embassy – but this process is over. We can now concentrate on what this case was actually always about: namely the United States. Now there is still a case going on in Spain in which Julian Assange Undercover Global, the company that during his time at the Ecuadorian embassy for the security there was sued. She is said to have monitored meetings between him and his lawyers and transmitted audio and video recordings to the US foreign intelligence service CIA.

What happens next? Mr Assange’s proceedings in Spain against the Spanish company have not yet been concluded. What we know at the moment from an informant who checked in with us is that our legal and medical meetings were recorded by the security company at the embassy and handed over to the United States. This is a grave violation of our right to confidentiality and our right to be defended.

The fact that we were spied while we were preparing his defense will definitely be part of the evidence from these extradition hearings and is a matter of great concern to lawyers around the world. Speaking to Jennifer Robinson, Katharina DellingSource: ntv .de “” News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by n-tv.de on the topic of Wikileaksdpa Bradley Manning caused the biggest security leak in US history in April 2010 when he passed on hundreds of thousands of secret documents to the WikiLeaks platform. Now the trial against the 25-year-old begins, and the question arises again: Who is this man who presented the USA to the whole world?

By Julian Vetten Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado has been President of Ecuador since 2007. Together with other Latin American heads of state, he is pursuing the goal of building socialism for the 21st century. With n-tv.de he spoke about the “Revolutción Ciudadana”, but also about Wikileaks founder Assange and trade with the EU. Julian Assange has been sitting in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for almost a year.

The Wikileaks founder “is under the protection of Ecuador”, says the president of the country, Correa, in an interview with n-tv.de. Assange will “never” extradite his country to the USA or Great Britain. Wikileaks still sees itself as a platform for disclosure.

But because its founder has been stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for months, the Wikileaks people are now sifting through accessible databases. After the extensive information from tax havens, politicians are discussing ways to curb tax evasion. The NRW finance minister believes that it will only be possible to uncover these crimes in the future by passing on secret information. Former Wikileaks spokesman Domscheit-Berg considers the nature of the current revelations to be exemplary. The alleged Wikileaks informant Manning goes on the offensive in the fight against a life sentence.

In court, he explains why he gave hundreds of thousands of secret papers to the disclosure platform. He wanted to expose the US. He is stuck in London, but wants to run for the election in Australia: Wikileaks founder Assange. Now it becomes clear what he hopes for an office: diplomatic pressure that will protect him from extradition to the USA.

Wikileaks founder Assange has been stuck in London for months, but he is still active. In Australia, his father submits the application of the party-political arm of the organization for the parliamentary elections there, his son is the top candidate. The chances of civil rights activists shouldn’t be bad. Espionage, revelations, sex: Julian Assange’s life offers the best of Hollywood material.

The shooting is already in progress. But for the Wikileaks founder “The Fifth Estate” is nothing more than a “propaganda attack against Wikileaks”. The alleged Wikileaks informant Manning has been in custody for more than two years for treason. Now he takes the floor for the first time in a preliminary hearing and reports on his desperation and suicidal intentions in prison. “In court, Assange looked well-groomed – but seemed confused It has been publicly for six months now, and the Wikileaks founder looks well-groomed – but his statements raise questions about his current state of health.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange made a very bad impression on his first public appearance since his arrest in London six months ago. At a hearing before the Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London, the Australian stated that he was “unable to think clearly”. A postponement of the hearing requested by Assange was rejected by the court.

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